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The best and most useful WordPress blogs for 2021

There are now more than a few blogs that cover many aspects of WordPress, but there are only a few who are truly worth following. In our opinion the following are hands down the very best blogs to read on all things WordPress in 2019.


1. WP Explorer 

WPexplorer has been offering useful WordPress guides, articles, Free & Premium Themes since way back when in 2010. Their content and themes are on point and they are super friendly folks themselves. Be sure to check out WPexplorer today!

3. WinningWP

Run by a veteran WordPress blogger Brin Wilson, WinningWP offers superb and timely tips, tricks and all round top info on WordPress. Their articles cover design, hosting, themes, plugins and more!

3. WP Mayor

The self professed Mayor of WP or as this blog is know WP Mayor is an excellent and timely resource of all things related to WordPress. They have guides on many aspects of WordPress.


4. WPbeginner

Another veteran WordPress blog that has stood the test of time and continues to thrive is WPbeginner. They too offer, great content and even (videos included) and cover WordPress in its entirety. 

5. Elegant Themes Blog

Elegant Themes, who you might be familiar with, not only offer a plethora of excellent WordPress themes, but have some great articles covering many aspects of WordPress.

6. WPlift


WPLift is on a mission to optimise and lift your WordPress game. They have a bunch of theme reviews, plugin suggestions and general tips and tricks on all things WordPress. 

7. aThemes Blog


The aThemes Blog is not only a great resource for finding excellent themes tips, but they have excellent articles on many things WordPress. It’s been run since 2013 and is a pleasure to read through.

8. WPsetup

We know this might be a tad biased, but you know a list of useful WordPress blogs just wouldn’t be a list written by us if we didn’t included our very own WPsetup.org

In summing up

There are indeed a plethora of sites covering WordPress and all its quirks. From finding the best Theme, plugin, or hosting provider we are sure you can find exactly what you’re looking for in one of the above sites.

We hope this article has helped broaden your WordPress horizons. 🙂

PS: If there are any you think we should include please drop us a note.

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