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5 Best WordPress Theme Shops (2022)

In this article we look at the 5 best WordPress theme shops for 2020 and give you out thoughts and overview of each. 

To make the process of choosing the best wordpress themes it’s best to start looking in the right place, quality companies that have a history in creating excellent WordPress themes. 

 In our opinion the top 5 WordPress Theme shops are:- 

1. Elegant Themes 

2. CSSIgniter

3. Studio Press 

4. Themes Kingdom

5. Astra Themes


1. Elegant Themes 

 Pricing from $89USD

Elegant Themes has been making WordPress themes since 2008 and is a very well know and well regarded wordpress theme shop. They have now managed to serve over 601k delighted customers. Elegant Themes are what we’d consider the gold standard of WordPress theme shops as their themes are truly superb, high performance, robust and flexible. Furthermore, they only sell themes they have created themselves. 

All their themes come with the Divi Page builder which is a super intuitive drag and drop page builder which will give you flexibility and control over the design and layout of your theme. Divi comes with many powerful features and content elements which will comfortable satisfy your theme requirements.

2. CSS Igniter

Pricing from $45USD

CSSIgniter is another veteran in the WordPress theme space who has been in business since 2010. They offer more than 80 premium themes that they themselves have created.

Their offerings are excellent for those who need photography themes, hotel themes, corporate themes and of course WordPress magazine themes. 

CSSIgniter also offer several e-commerce themes that work nicely with WooCommerce so you can easily get a web store online with their woocommerce themes.

It’s super easy to pick up one of their themes and customise it to suit your requirements as they are very intuitive. Should you need any help though, documentation and support is first class and should you have any issues they’ll be assisting you in a timely and friendly manner.

3. Studio Press

 Pricing from $49USD

StudioPress have been in the WordPress theme game a long time and offer a huge range of beautiful WordPress themes. Their themes are both flexible and powerful thanks to their Genesis framework, which will enable you to easily customise your themes as you wish. 

StudioPress offer several types of WordPress themes; commercial business themes, designer themes, photography themes, child themes etc. All the themes on their shop are checked for quality so you can be sure you’re getting a quality theme.

If you’re using WPEngine hosting you’ll get all StudioPress themes for free on one of their hosting plans. 

4. Themes Kingdom

Pricing from $39USD

Themes Kingdom have been in the theme game for 9 years and are probably the coolest and most designer quality wordpress theme shop out there. 

We love their designs as they are not only super cool but well made and very affordable. Don’t take our word for it though, take the word of the 100,000 other folks who have bought their themes.

Whilst the customisation options are not as extensive as the previous theme shops we mention, it’s for good reason as these themes are already super good looking and well laid out. It’s simply a matter of choosing one you like and going with it. 

5. Astra

Pricing from $59USD
Astra is another top notch WordPress theme shop providing excellent themes at a great price point. Their themes are super flexible, lightweight and perform at literally the highest level, loading at around 500ms (that’s fast!). 

They give you the ability to fully customise the theme and basically make a site anyway you like, thanks to their support of page builders like Elementor etc. If you want something out of the box you can use some of their prebuilt pages to get things going. 

Astra fully supports WooCommerce so you can use this theme to build your online shop with ease.

Astra has more than 500,000 users so you can be sure you’re in great company.

In summing up

There are a lot of WordPress themes out there and finding a good one is super important not only for looks but for your sites performance and security. 

We hope this article has helped you decided which WordPress theme shop you should go for. Happy WordPress theme hunting!


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