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How To Host A Website? – A Complete Beginners Guide (2022)

How to host a website? It’s a common question for anyone starting out in this website wonderland. In this article we guide you through the three steps you need to take to host a website quickly and easily.

Web hosting is the invisible library of servers which make up the internet and ‘serve up’ website like the one you are reading here now. Think of it as like an interactive parking place for your website.

We’ll firstly answer all the questions you have and then show you in three steps show you how to host a website. So let’s get started! 

How to host a website? My own website?

1. On your own server

This is a more complicated method and you need to have a bunch of knowledge on how to setup the hosting server, configure it etc.

2. With a hosting provider, like BlueHost, Hostinger etc.

This is the easiest and best approach, especially if you want minimal hassle and maximum value and reliability. 

Is it better to host your own website?

That all depends on how much you know about the technical side of server setups, protocols and web hosting in general. Of course if you have experience or are willing to learn how to host your own website on your own server that’s great and it’s not a bad option. You do need to bear in mind that maintaining the server takes time and you’ll need to have some off site backups too, just in case. 

We always recommend getting your website hosted by a third part as it’s easier and frees up time for you. Also, you can be sure that your website hosting will be taken care of by professionals who really know what they are doing and have teams of people ensuring your website stays online at all times.

How much does it cost to host a website?

That all depends on what kind of web hosting you go for, there are three main types:

Shared hosting (~$2.00/mo.)

As the name implies, you share space on the same server as many other websites. This is the cheapest and you can get some great deals like this one from Hostinger or BlueHost.

VPS hosting (~$10.00/mo.)

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is one step up from Shared hosting as you have your own ‘Virtual’ space on the server which is ringfenced from the other sites. It’s faster and more secure but also more expensive

Managed Hosting (~$20.00/mo.)

This is the Rolls Royce of hosting, they offer more premium hosting on faster and more powerful servers, have full time technical support should you have site issues. Kinsta and WP Engine are good choices.

Step 1. Work out what hosting you need

Starting out with a personal website or blog?

You probably don’t want to spend a whole lot and you might not have much traffic in the early days so we’d recommend going with a shared hosting provider like these two:-

Starting a business website?

If you’re starting a website for a business we’d recommend going for hosting that is a little faster and more robust that shared hosting, so  we recommend using one of these two providers:-

Starting a blog or website which will receive high traffic?

Starting a blog or website that is likely to get a lot of unique visitors will need a reliable hosting provider that can handle all the traffic and make sure the site is functional and responsive. For this kind of website we recommend going with the following:-

Step 2. Compare hosting offerings

There is a plethora of choice in the website hosting business and not ever host offers the same thing, some have more features, some are cheaper and some are faster. It’s often difficult to narrow down a single provider yourself, we’ve taken the hassle out of the equation for you and give you our picks. 

The cheapest website hosting

The absolute cheapest and best website hosting for starting out is Bluehost.

The best mid range hosting

The best mid range hosting for your website is SiteGround, they offer sublime hosting packages, excellent performance all bundled up in a super affordable offering.

The best managed WordPress hosting

In our experience the best of the best website hosting has to be Kinsta as it’s super fast, has excellent uptime and super helpful and friendly support.

You can also read our reviews on:  The Best Managed WordPress hosting & we cover The Best Cheap WordPress hosting in this review.

Step 3. Choose a plan

The website hosting plan you choose will obviously depend on your site setup and your requirements. 

Bluehosts starter plan is excellent for anyone who is new to the hosting game. 

Sitegrounds start plan is tops for someone who needs more than entry level hosting

Kinsta’s middle of the road plan is ideal for people who will have sites with heavy traffic load.

In conclusion

How to host a website is a very open question that we hope we have answered for you and pointed you towards the website hosting that suits your needs.

To recap all you need to do is:-

1. Work out what hosting you need

2. Compare hosting offerings

3. Choose a plan

4. Sign up and get your website hosted! 

If you want the absolutely cheapest at all cost offering, look to Hostinger, starting out at ~0.80USD/mo.

When you need nothing but the best hosting, WPEngine and Kinsta are the options for you.

InMotion is our favourite pick for the best all rounder, but as Siteground does ‘pretty much’ everything InMotion does, albeit at a lower price point, that’s a good option too.

You might like to check out this great article on ‘How to Start a Business with No Money‘ to help you get started with your new venture.

We hope our article on ‘How to host a website’ has been informative and useful for you. Enjoy and good luck 🙂

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