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Kinsta Review – Everything you need to know (2022)

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In this article we review Kinsta managed WordPress hosting and give you our thoughts after testing it extensively for several months. We’ve been looking around for a fast and reliable managed WordPress hosting provider, one that keeps our site secure and takes care of the maintenance side of things for some time.  It’s a pleasure for us to say that Kinsta is the best premium managed WordPress host we’ve found to date. Our Kinsta review goes through all aspects of Kinsta so you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

About Kinsta

Kinsta is a relatively new player in the managed WordPress hosting space, having come to the market in 2013. It was founded by Mark Gavalda, a web developer and serial entrepreneur who has built numerous WordPress related products. Kinsta offers a feature rich product at a very reasonable price point. 

There are cheaper entry level WordPress hosting providers than Kinsta, but the reality is most of these offerings are very limited and the result of that is you have to spend your precious time making sure your site is up to date and secure. Whereas with Kinsta they manage all of this stuff for you, freeing you up to work on what’s important, making your site awesome. Kinsta’s customers such as TripAdvisor, ASOS, GE, Ubisoft, intuit give credence  to the high calibre product.

Kinsta managed WordPress hosting means your site will have a blazing fast loading time, 99.99% uptime and incredibly robust performance.  

As Kinsta is a WordPress only host, their focus is 100% WordPress and they pride themselves in being WordPress domain experts. As such, the staff are highly experienced in all things WordPress (some staff even contribute to the WordPress core) and can support you in times of need, which is priceless.


Kinsta uses the Google Cloud platform

Kinsta utilises the Google Cloud Platform for its hosting service.  That’s the same infrastructure that runs Google, Snapchat, HTC, Spotify, so your site will be hosted on state of the art, reliable infrastructure. 

The Google Cloud Platform is the Rolls Royce of internet hosting and offers you a choice of 19 global server locations, so you can be as close to your users as possible. The nature of the Google Cloud Platform means you have a highly scalable resource which will easily cope with the most demanding high traffic situations.


Kinsta Dashboard (My Kinsta) is super user friendly

The large majority of hosting providers have a UI which wouldn’t be out of place in a 3D puzzle. Kinsta on the other hand has put a great deal of thought and effort into the design of the dashboard, the end result is a user friendly admin page that makes the process of setting up and managing your site a breeze. When you login the main dashboard page shows you all the info you need on your sites, such as resource usage, data transfers, unique visits etc. The panel on the left gives you access to your sites, DNS management, Analytics, Migrations, Activity log etc.  No puzzles to solve just the information you need. 


Daily Automated WordPress Backups included

Kinsta will automatically backup your site daily. These backups are kept for 14 days on the entry level plans and longer on the premium plans. It’s a cinch to roll back to an earlier version of your site should trouble arise. If daily backups are not sufficient for your needs you can easily upgrade to six-hour and hourly backups for an extra monthly charge. 


Kinsta offers a bundled WordPress staging environment

A staging environment is a critical area of any website, where you can test out code customisations, new themes, or anything else you many fancy trying out. The beauty of a staging environment is that you can test anything there without affecting your main site and once everything is good to go you simply push the changes from Staging to Live. Setting up a staging site on other WordPress hosting providers means you need another WordPress installation, whereas the entry level Kinsta plan comes bundled with a staging site, ready to roll out. This bundled staging environment is a serious added bonus.


Kinsta has it’s own Analytics

Kinsta offers its own Analytics suite which is another win and something you can use alongside a services like Google Analytics, which we recommend. For more WordPress Analytics options check our post here.


KeyCDN built in CDN

Kinsta recently partnered with KeyCDN to offer you 50gb in free CDN traffic on the standard plan and more on the higher level plans. You don’t need to signup for CDN, it’s integrated with Kinsta, saving you the job of getting an independent CDN setup and some extra cash. 


Kinsta is Secured with SSL

Thanks to a partnership with Let’s Encrypt, Kinsta can provide all your sites with SSL for free. It’s simply a matter of enabling Let’s Encrypt in MyKinsta and the Kinsta back end does the rest.


Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is offered as standard and will give your site that extra level of protection.

The rest of this review go into more specifics and geeky stuff. So if the features above have already sold you on Kinsta, don’t let us stop you, feel free to…

Tech Specs overview of Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

Global data centre locations: 19 server locations for you to host your site on, covering the entire globe.

Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA (us-central1)

St. Ghislain, Belgium (europe-west1)

Changhua County, Taiwan (asia-east1)

Sydney, Australia (australia-southeast1)

The Dalles, Oregon, USA (us-west1)

Ashburn, Virginia, USA (us-east4)

Moncks Corner, South Carolina, USA (us-east1)

São Paulo, Brazil (southamerica-east1)

London, UK (europe-west2)

Frankfurt, Germany (europe-west3)

Jurong West, Singapore (asia-southeast1)

Tokyo, Japan (asia-northeast1)

Mumbai, India (asia-south1)

Montréal (northamerica-northeast1)

Netherlands (europe-west4)

Hamina, Finland (europe-north1)

Los Angeles, California (us-west2)

Hong Kong (asia-east2)

Zürich, Switzerland (europe-west6)

CDN (Content Delivery Network) KeyCDN access included with all Kinsta plans, starting at 50gb for the basic plan, more on higher level plans.

PHP: Seamlessly switch between PHP 5.6, 7, 7.1 & 7.2

SSL: Secure your site with a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrupt or simply install your own. 

High Security Network: Kinsta provides each site with leading security mechanisms like GeoIP blocking, DDos scanning, malicious code prevention, Hardware Firewalls, etc.

Hacking clean up fix: If your site is hacked Kinsta will fix it for free. That is a great insurance policy and something we haven’t seen offered anywhere else.

SFTP: Secure File Transfer Protocol, it is what is says 😉 

Top notch customer support:  WordPress domain experts at your fingertips 24/7 should you need a friendly helping hand.

Existing WordPress site migration: Included on Pro plans and higher, a one off $100 fee on the starter pack. 


How fast is Kinsta?

As Kinsta is run on the Google Cloud Platform they have extremely fast page loading times and low latency. We installed a one click WordPress site with Kinsta in a few minutes and put it through it’s paces. The results are outstanding and prove that Kinsta is one of the fastest dedicated wordpress hosts available on the market.

GTmetrics results

The results above speak for themselves, GTmetrics give our Kinsta hosted site an A(93%) which is incredibly high. Let’s compare that to Google:-

The most important score the ‘PageSpeed Score’ is higher for our Kinsta site than Google! Say no more, Kinsta is incredibly fast!

Uptime Robot test results

We’ve been testing our demo site WP Install out on Kinsta now with uptimerobot.com for 30 days and it’s been 100% online, so you can be sure Kinsta has a brilliant robust setup. https://uptimerobot.com

Pingdom Speed Test


 Pingdom is known as a very hard marker when it comes to speed, but Kinsta comes through with a very high B. Rest assured the results are decent and this average Kinsta site has an above average site speed on Pingdom. Let’s now see google.com stacks up…

As you can see, the Kinsta site is super close in speed to Google.com on the speed test, and we all know Google is the gold standard in website speed.

Kinsta managed WordPress hosting will ensure your site is blazing fast and has exceptional uptime. This is partly thanks to the Google Cloud Platform and partly thanks to a host of cutting edge technologies Kinsta utilizes, such as Nginx, PHP 7, LXD software containers, and MariaDB. This combination ensures sites hosted on Kinsta are world class in the speed stakes and you and your visitors will be blown away.


Kinsta plan details

 Kinsta offers several plans that cater to the full spectrum of WordPress users, starting with a very comprehensive plan for the average blog, right through to a multisite package targeted at businesses.

All plans come with SSL & CDN, the plan differences are based on the volume of traffic your site gets. There is an option of paying monthly or yearly, with a yearly plan giving you 2 months free!

Check out the nitty gritty of each plan here


In summing up

Kinsta are offering top notch managed WordPress hosting plans which come at an exceptional value. The offerings from Kinsta will ensure your site is fast, secure and online at all times, no mater what.

Although the pricing is higher than other entry level WordPress hosting we believe that the extra you pay is well worth the costs, as things like daily automated backups, included CDN, SSL, DDos scanning save you many headaches and a great deal of time. 

If you’re looking for an affordable fully featured WordPress managed hosting provider, Kinsta is definitely for you. There is zero risk to giving these guys a go as they are so confident you’ll like their hosting you get a 30day money back guarantee.

Sign up for Kinsta and you’ll get a fully featured managed WordPress host that doesn’t cost a fortune. Furthermore you’ll be able to spend more time working on building your website!

For those who need a little help, we have a step by step guide to getting a WordPress blog setup on Kinsta, which you can checkout here.

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