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Visual Composer Review 2022

In our Visual Composer review we will take you through all the aspects of this very popular wordpress page builder to see if it’s a good solution for you. Visual Composer is a drag and drop page builder that allows you to create custom pages and posts for your WordPress website.

Well take you through what Visual Composer offers, such as the user interface; pros and cons; pricing and of course our final thoughts. So let’s dive in!

An Introduction to Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a Latvia based page builder that enables you to make custom pages and posts for your website all in a drag and drop manner. Visual Composer also has a backend editor for those who are technically inclined, so it covers all user experience levels. Visual Composer offers a bunch of elements that you can simply drag and drop into place and before you know it, you’ll have yourself a stunning custom website! 
Visual Composer has both premium and free versions of its editor. The free version is quite limited in functionality and understandable doesn’t offer everything you might need, but if you’re just starting out it might be enough for your needs. If you need all the bells and whistles, Visual Composer also offer an affordable Premium version. 


Top Features

So now we know a little about what Visual Composer has to offer. Let’s now look at some of its top free features, as well as how to use this editor.

Drag and drop interface

Visual Composer has quite an intuitive interface that is relatively straight forward to use, but might take a bit of getting used to.  To open the Visual Composer interface, within your WordPress dashboard simply select the page or post that you would like to edit, and click on the ‘Edit with Visual Composer, button and go from there.

On the right side of the screen is the editing area. Here you can create your page layout by adding and editing any appropriate design elements. On the left hand side of your screen are the widgets (design elements), that can be dragged and dropped into the editor. 

You can create the following and more in a drag and drop manner:-

  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Buttons

You can create a page from scratch by simply clicking on the + icon button to add sections.

Everything on the edit screen (including sections, columns, and elements) can be dragged and dropped, changing the positioning and size. You can also customize each element within the Edit Section on the left hand side of the page. 

Easily create structured content

You can easy create a page with one, two, three, four or five columns and within those columns you can add elements or content  as you wish.

As you can see, Virtual Composer provides an impressive user-experience. However, this doesn’t come at the expensive of features or functionality, making it an effective tool for beginners and experienced designers alike. 

Pre-Designed Templates

This page builder offers an extensive collection of pre-designed templates. These are perfect for those with limited time, design experience, or creative vision. The Visual Composer Hub contains over 100 free and premium templates, divided into pages and blocks. 


Visual Composer provides over 50 Elements to select from and use within your website. (If you upgrade to Visual Composer Premium you will gain access to many many more). Elements are the key design elements that you will need to create a beautiful and fully functional website. From interactive elements, to media and marketing elements, to woo-commerce elements this extensive collection is sure to be everything you need.

You can use elements to any area of your site, by simply dragging and dropping them into place. Within the editor, they can also be resized, repositioned, and edited, to ensure they reflect your site’s branding. 


Visual Composer provides a decent containing helpful articles and tutorials. The Getting Started section is particularly useful for those new to Visual Composuer, teaching you how to get the most out of this tool.  

If you are experiencing problems, you should be able to solve your issue in the help section, otherwise drop them a support e-mail.

Visual Composer Pro Top Features

If you are looking for more advanced features than the ones mentioned so far, you might want to consider purchasing the Premium version of this website builder. Visual Composer Premium has a few top features that go that bit further to supporting web design needs. 

Let’s take a look at those that really stand out:-

  • Theme Builder – The Visual Composer Theme Builder gives you full control over every area of your website. Create custom site layouts, unique headers and footers, dynamic blog content, and much more. 
  • Popup Builder – A new feature, the Visual Composer Popup Builder allows you to create and display highly converting popups on your website. Select from an extensive list of popup options, including email subscriptions, welcome mats, sales banners, content lockers, exit intent, and more. You can also choose from over popup templates, set advanced targeting conditions and triggers, and integrate your site with your favorite marketing tools and services.
  •  Many integrations including WooCommerce support – Chances are if you want to make an online store with WordPress you’ll be using WooCommerce and this feature is only available through the Premium version of Visual Composer, but it’s well worth it and much cheaper than rivals like Shopfiy.

Evidently, Visual Composer Premium has lots of offer and like most services, you get what you pay for. So let’s find out how much…


If you install the free Visual Composer plugin, you will have full access to the drag-and-drop page builder and a selection of templates and elements. However, if you want to benefit from the advanced Visual Composer Premium features, you will need to upgrade to Visual Composer Premoim . Here are the plans…

  • Single website – $49 a year for use on one website
  • 3 Websites – $99 a year for use on three websites
  • Developers – $349 a year for use on 1,000 websites

All three plans provide access to all the Premium features, so the package you choose will depend solely on how many websites you want to run Visual Composer on.

Visual Composer Review: Final Thoughts

As you can see, both Visual Composer and Visual Composer Premium have some solid features. So whether you are starting a small blog, or you are growing a large business, Visual Composer can really help you to design an attractive and successful website. 

Questions on Visual Composer? Please ask away in the comments below…

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